Programs, website, and mobile app to keep you focused, healthy and fit for duty.



You have to move well to survive the streets, we will provide you with the tools and techniques to move better and feel better.
You have to have the strength and conditioning to make it home at the end of your shift.
Our programs will give you the exercises needed to win the fight.
The techniques Fit Responder taught enhanced our physical fitness and are designed to prevent injuries while remaining efficient and easy.
Captain Todd Swaney
You do not need to become a statistic; most officers, if they make it to retirement age live in pain and unfortunately do not live long enough to enjoy retirement.

Pain is a limiting factor for many officers, we will teach you how to manage your pain because sitting in a squad with your vest on is NOT comfortable!
Our programs will help you to make fitness, wellness and nutrition a lifestyle while on duty and off.
Simple yet highly effective techniques are what makes our programs fun and fast; we understand that there is limited time to get your workouts in, all of our programs are designed to keep you engaged, fit and dare we say more than once fun!

A complete web based fitness program with mobile app, instructional videos and expert programming for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement.