1 in Every 4 Responders will suffer a Career Ending Injury

While EMS has taught its providers the necessary clinical skills, it has neglected to train for the true rigor of the job itself. But now, there’s the FitResponder System.


The industry’s only validated, evidence-based learning system built for every EMS team to empower them to safely prevent injury and promote total wellness. With FitResponder, system leaders can be confident they’re reducing risk and turnover, increasing responder career longevity, and improving on-boarding and operational efficiency.


  1. Only safety-based learning system built by and for responders – Designed by the industry’s leading expert in fitness and wellness, the FitResponder System reflects years of experience in the field to ensure its training is well-tested and EMS-approved.


  1. Validated methodology – Using the latest evidence-based methods, the FitResponder System meets or exceeds 4 of the 5 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for EMS safety, fatigue management and fatigue-related risks.


  1. Flexible training model – To meet virtually any EMS department size and budget, our system can be delivered in both hands-on and virtual methods.


  1. A healthy ROI – A modest investment in FitResponder could save you tens of thousands in potential lost revenue and workers’ compensation mitigation.

Don't let the name fool you

Fit Responder & the Injury Free System are an insurance industry best practice and endorsed by the National Association of EMT's to promote total responder wellness, fitness, safety and career longevity. 

Plus with our award winning Injury Free on-line course we can improve your departmental financial and operational wellness while improving your employee physical and mental wellness. 

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A complete web based fitness program with mobile app, instructional videos and expert programming for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement.