You have to have great mobility so you can move safely.



You have to have great nutrition and hydration so that you stay metabolically able to do your job.



You must have great strength and conditioning that is specific to your job, your equipment and your body.

Here at Fit Responder we have been training and writing about YOUR fitness for years;, EMS World, JEMS and the Tactical Strength & Conditioning Association to name a few.


All our programs are specifically designed to meet the criteria of the per fitness trainer initiative and the WFI program.  The app and website gives fire fighters and departments the flexibility to design programs to meet the needs of all their personal.

Fire-Rescue Fitness 

To be fire fit requires a specific understanding of the metabolic, anaerobic and strength needs of today's fire-rescue professionals. With over 1/3 of all injuries from training to get fit ALL our programs are designed to be safe, effective, scientifically accurate and fun!

Without meeting these three needs with your training you are simply working out.
Athletes train with goals in mind and science behind them.

Working out is day to day with no clear goal and no science, it’s what most have done before… but no more.
We are now ready to bring our programs to you!

With programs that fit your shift schedule… no more high intensity workouts on your long week, we will keep you feeling good, fit and dare we say healthy!
All of our programs are designed to be done on or off duty.


A complete web based fitness program with mobile app, instructional videos and expert programming for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement.