EMS Fitness Program Backed by NAEMT Research

Fit Responder Fitness has teamed up with The National Association fo Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), and based off their recommended Fitness Guidelines we have designed the first and only EMS fitness program to meet your needs.


Our EMS fitness, injury prevention, and weight loss programs allow you to utilize mobile apps, simple equipment and effective exercises to get fit, stay fit and feel good.
"32 plus years in EMS. I have had chronic foot pain for years and the quick and easy stretching techniques he has shown us has reduced my foot pain by 75% in two days! I am a believer!"
J. Brown
EMS practitioners are seven times more likely than the average worker to miss work as result of injury
Half of all EMS workers suffer back pain annually
One of four EMS practitioners will suffer a career ending injury within the first four years of service
Back injury is the #1 reason for leaving EMS
Back injuries are often the result of cumulative wear & tear
The good news is that you can get fit, you can have fun doing it and you can reduce your chance of getting hurt on the job.
With call volumes as they are and a scarcity of exercise equipment it can be very difficult to find the time and resources to work out.
All of our programs are designed to be done on and off duty with many designed to be done in uniform if needed.
Plus you can share workouts with your friends and even keep track of each other via social media; its all built into the app!
A Happy Medic is a Healthy Medic!
Durham EMS

A complete web based fitness program with mobile app, instructional videos and expert programming for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement.